Extensive range of adhesive, sealants, foams and resins designed for industry, marine and automotive aftermarket

Dedicated to treatment and care of cows feet

Adhesives, resins and pads dedicated to treatment and care of equine hooves

INCHIMICA® marine line, a complete range of adhesives and foams designed for boat maintenance.

Polymix Bonding Solutions adhesives and sealant have a wide range of application in the Marine market. Bi-component urethane adhesives grant a quick curing, excellent sandability and excellent mechanical strength. Ideal for bonding, sealing and rebuilding. Excellent adhesion on any kind of substrate. Easy to mix through the static mixer, excellent resistance to weathering, fast, tixothropic, non sagging, available in different colours, hardness and working time. Suitable on fiberglass, plastics, metals, rubber, glass, wood, technical fabrics, kevlar.

All the adhesives are available in 50 ml and 200 ml cartridges size, but can also be available in larger size cartridges if requested.

PL. 3001.050
PL. 3001.200
1,7 fl oz – 50ml
6,76 fl oz – 200ml
Working time: 35 seconds
Sanding time: 15 minutes
Painting time: 40 minutes
Two part urethane adhesive with a ultra fast gel and curing time. Can be used for general purpose gluing or to hold part in position.

PL. 3002.050
PL. 3002.200
1,7 fl oz – 50ml
6,76 fl oz – 200ml
Working time: 1 minute
Sanding time: 20 minutes
Painting time: 1 hour
Two part urethane plastic repair structural adhesive to repair any kind of plastic part. One minute working time makes this product suitable for small size repairs.

PL. 7002.050
PL. 7002.200
1,7 fl oz – 50ml
6,76 fl oz – 200m
Painting time: 1 hour
Two part urethane which foams in place to fill posts, pillars, and automotive body cavities. Grey color soft
Chemical base: PU
Cream time: 5 sec
Colour: grey
Density: 1,25
Viscosity: liquid