Extensive range of adhesive, sealants, foams and resins designed for industry, marine and automotive aftermarket

Dedicated to treatment and care of cows feet

Adhesives, resins and pads dedicated to treatment and care of equine hooves

INCHIMICA® automotive line, a complete range of product based on two-part system cold-curing urethane technology specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket.

Polymix Bonding Solutions is a modern answer to any specific adhesive application in the automotive collision repair market. Car manufacturers are using more and more plastic and composite materials to reduce vehicle’s weight, reduce fuel consumption and increase safety. New materials in general, same as, new way to combine them makes new modern cars much different to the old ones. Different in the way they are built and in the way to be repaired. The automotive repair aftermarket has to adopt new repair methods, new tools and new materials to repair in a professional and competitive way all the modern vehicles.

Polymix bonding solution has a large range of adhesives all designed on the two-part urethane technology, to ensure high quality repairs in the collision repair market. Polymix range includes several accessories as dispenser guns and static mixers. All the adhesives are available in the 50 ml and 200 ml cartridges size, but can also be available in larger size cartridges if requested.